"Premium Quality Pine Straw"
            -Hand-raked and hand-baled, this pine-straw is free of debris, pine-cones, and dirt-
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                                               "Premium Quality Pine Straw"
               -Hand-raked and hand-baled, this pine-straw is free of debris, pine-cones, and dirt-
                       (985) 264-3567

FAQ about Pine Straw

Are Pine Needles and Pine Straw the same thing?
Yes, pine needles and pine straw are the same thing.

What is the difference between "Longleaf pine straw" , "Slash pine straw" and "Shredded pine
All three types are pine straw mulch (pine needles). Longleaf pine straw averages 14 inches
in length. Longleaf pine straw is considered a premium pine needle that is used for landscape
projects that require the BEST pine straw on the market. Slash pine straw is a shorter pine needle,
averaging 9 inches in length. This type of pine needle is used for the average commercial or home
landscape project. Shredded pine needles are used for gardens and small flower beds to lock in the
maximum amount of  moisture.                                                 

Is pine straw used as a mulch? Yes, pine needles are used as a mulch for gardens and flower beds.
The length of the pine needle you will need depends on the amount of moisture that you want to lock
into the soil.

What type of shrubs, plants, or flowers grow well with pine straw? Azaleas, camellias, hostas, ferns,
hydrangea, magnolias, coleus, rhododendrons, snapdragons, cineraria, bleeding heart, geranium, lily
of the valley, rose of sharon, rhodies, hellebores, astilbe, strawberries, blueberries, choke cherry and
other bedding plants look wonderful when pine straw is used as a mulch in flower beds. Although we
listed many example, this is not a complete list. If you have a question about a specific plant, please
consult your local professional.

How deep should I spread my pine straw?  Pine straw should be spread out 3 inches deep on the
ground. Pine straw should be shaken out over the ground so that it is very fluffy.

Does pine straw help protect against the cold in the winter? Yes, if you place pine straw around the
base of your tree or plants, pine straw works very well at protecting the root system from the cold
during the winter months. If you are trying to protect small trees, place the pine straw around the
base of the tree with about a two foot diameter. The pine straw will need to be at least three inches
thick. If you live in a very cold area, place the straw about six inches deep to help keep the cold out.

Does pine straw help control weeds?  Yes, pine straw is very good at helping control weeds. Pine
straw should be placed 3 inches deep on the ground to effectively help control weeds.

How often should pine straw be put out? If you are using the straw to protect plants and to add to
the soil, then pine straw should be put out once a year. If you are using pine straw as a decoration,
then the straw should be put out twice a year. Most of our customers put their straw out in the
spring and once again before winter.

Can my pine straw be stored in the garage?  Yes, if you order your pine straw and decide that you
want to use it at a later date, just keep the boxes in a dry place and the pine straw will be fine.

Will pine straw stay in place with high wind? Yes, pine straw will stay in place very well with high
winds. The longer the pine needle, the better the pine needle will stay in place. If you have a place
that has very high winds, you need to go with either the Longleaf pine needle or the Slash pine
needle. Pine straw also works well on hills and will not wash away when the rain comes. Pine straw
will work very well around the swimming pool. The long needles will stay in place with the winds and
foot traffic.

Will pine straw attract termites?  Termites do not like pine straw. You can put pine straw in your
yard without the fear of termites that comes with most hard woods.

Can I use Pine Straw around the base of my home? Yes, pine straw allows the soil to breath and you
do not get the moisture build up that you get with hard woods.