Why Pine straw?

Its Nature's Perfect Ground cover.

     If you're looking for a superior bedding material for your trees and plants consider Pine Straw. It
is a natural product, high in nitrogen, that decomposes and makes a great fertilizer for plants and
shrubs. A Pine Straw covering adds beauty to your landscape while deterring weeds. It is insect and
rodent free, adheres well to slopes and will not wash away during heavy rain. Pine Straw is ecology-
minded and easy to work with. It does not have to be removed simply place fresh straw on top of
existing straw to revitalize the color.

     Pine Straw is widely used by Landscapers, Nurseries, Golf Courses, Municipalities, Parks, and
Home Owners. Pine Straw's popularity continues to grow, the word is spreading that it is easy to use,
has beautiful color and makes a great fertilizer. It is easy to see why pine straw has become such a
sought after product for the finishing touch on landscape jobs. Pine straw keeps sprawling vegetables
such as squash, melons, and strawberries from forming mildew, mold, or developing rot.

     According to statistics, there are many reasons for using pine straw as a mulch. It enhances the
beauty of any landscape by providing a cover of uniform color that is neutral and non-detracting to
plants. Pine straw conserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation from the soil. Weed and
grass problems are fewer when the straw is applied deep enough to smother unwanted plants and
prevent undesirable seed germination. Because pine needles interlock, it keeps wind and rain from
washing or blowing away the topsoil. Soil crusting problems are prevented, and moisture is able to
reach the roots of plants. It also insulates the soil.

     Unlike other dry organic mulches such as pine bark, leaves, grass clippings, and peat moss, pine
straw helps provide favorable growing conditions and stimulates healthy plant development because it:

Insulates tender roots from temperature extremes keeping the soil warm during cold spells and
cool during warm spells.
Conserves soil moisture by reducing water evaporation rates and moisture loss.
Encourages water infiltration into the soil and reduces runoff.
Eliminates erosion caused by wind and rain-splash impact.
Protects against soil compaction by reducing the rain impact directly on the surface.
Aids in promoting favorable soil tilth for healthy root growth.

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